Month: January 2008

Apple Sub-workstation Confirmations

MacRumors has heard reliable confirmation about some features in upcoming Apple notebook releases due at Macworld San Francisco 2008.A Mac sub-notebook is indeed expected to be coming at the Macworld and, as rumored, will not coming with an internal optical drive. This omission is presumably du…

iPhone 1.1.three questions answered by means of gear live

Gear Live has started answering reader and viewer questions on the iPhone 1.1.3 firmware that we’ve been showing off. We’ve got a bunch of questions from you guys, and we are answering them here.

The year’s biggest Mac stories

2007 Has been a great year for Mac with great stories. Mac World broke down their view of the 10 Biggest stories for 2007 .

iPhone wants to hang On To the old 12 months

pdclarry writes “Users of the iPhone have noticed that it is showing December 31, 2007, even where it is already the new year. There have been a number of reports confirming the problem: Bug in Clock, Problem with New Year: My Clock — shows wrong year, Worldclock went wrong for “tomorrow” items.”

Read more of this story at Slashdot.