Deals: It’s Mac App Madness! Save on 4 Awesome Mac Apps Including TextExpander 4 and TuneUp

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Have you ever thought about what you’d change about your life if you could go back in time? Just take a minute and ponder some of the regrets you may have, and think about how you could have prevented them. Now take action before you make another mistake like that and take advantage of these great deals before they’re gone. You can get four top Mac apps on sale now from our Deals tab.

It doesn’t matter how fast you type, you’ll always have to take a few too many keystrokes and type the same things over and over. That is, unless you have TextExpander 4, the time-saving app that helps you create keyboard shortcuts and macros that will cut down on your time spent typing. You can get it for just $16.99.

TuneUp is extremely powerful iTunes management tool that will clean up, organize, and complete missing fields in your library. TuneUp will correct mislabeled or incomplete song data, scour the web for proper cover art, removes duplicate songs, and pulls in extra artist information that you’d otherwise have to enter by hand. It can be yours  for just $19.95

It’s easy to catch the eye of interested viewers when your work comes alive for them. Turn your presentations and creations into eye-popping flipbooks that are perfect for viewing on mobile or desktop devices. FlipPDF spruce up your PDF presentations for just $9.99.

When your media isn’t as cooperative with your Mac as you’d like, you need the right tool to convert the file. Turn any bit of media into a any number of Mac-friendly file types with iMedia Converter Deluxe. It’s available to you for just $9.99.

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