Logic Pros Review: Apogee’s new Element audio interfaces w/ dedicated Mac/iOS apps & Remote accessory

In this weeks episode of Logic Pros, we are taking a look at the new Apogee Element Thunderbolt audio interfaces. Apogee has sat atop the world of digital audio conversion for quite some time now. Its premium Thunderbolt Ensemble and flagship Symphony interfaces are among the top choices for industry professionals in terms of overall sound quality and unwavering support for Apple’s pro computers. The company has also dipped into the home/portable market with a series of fantastic boxes that bring Apogee’s professional mic-pres and D/A converter tech to a much more affordable price point with the One, Duet and Quartet.

These new Thunderbolt audio interfaces for Mac represent a sweet spot in Apogee’s lineup, using the best technology from the company’s higher end machines while stripping out some of the bells and whistles to bring the price down drastically. That means they’re now the best value in the lineup in terms of the number of ins and outs you get versus the company’s less expensive One and Duet products, and the more expensive Quartet, and Ensemble products. You sacrifice physical controls and an interface on the box, but Apogee makes up for it with slick Mac and iOS apps, integration with Logic, and a new separate Remote accessory… more…

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