Review: Retoucher 7

AKVIS Retoucher is available as both a standalone app and an image editor plugin, and is a great way to remove dust, scratches and watermarks from old photos. You can select and mask large areas to correct, or make finer corrections using features such as the Clone Stamp and Chameleon Tool, the latter of which is similar to Photoshop’s Pattern Stamp.

When working on large areas, you can adjust parameters such as the sample size and search radius to limit the effects of the filter. Finding the perfect parameters can be hit and miss, but the results are good.

The idea of applying a filter and it magically tidying up your image sounds appealing, but you inevitably end up using the finer tools more often than the large-scale options. Selecting and deselecting in Retoucher can be a very frustrating process, with only brush options and a “magic wand” tool available. There’s no lasso, and the glaring omission of a deselect option if you need to get rid of selections is a killer.

Retoucher offers no functionality beyond retouching, so you still have to transfer your edited photo to an image editor if you want to sharpen it or adjust color balance. 

Although Retoucher offers more functionality than standard apps such as iPhoto, it’s an expensive option that struggles compared to more versatile photo editors such as Photoshop Elements.

The bottom line. An expensive option for retouching photos that lacks the functionality to match its price.

Review Synopsis


Retoucher 7





$87 (home license for app or plugin) $98 (home license for app and plugin) $154 (business license for app and plugin)


Mac OS X 10.4 or later (32/64-bit), 4GB RAM, 2GB disk space


Edit masked areas for correction. Familiar tools (like Clone Stamp).


Only does retouching. No deselect option.

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