Month: August 2009

Is Apple the Enemy of the TV Industry? Microsoft Thinks So

Music’s long struggle with the web has been well documented. As consumers shifted from CDs to digital media, music labels, artists, and the RIAA have struggled with how to cope. While some have decided to sue consumers for $22,500 per song, others have found ways to embrace the web.

Top Tips and Tricks for iLife Beginners

If you’ve been using iLife but feeling there was something missing that would really complete your user experience, it may well be that it’s there, you just haven’t found it yet. Did you know for example that you can embed Google adverts in your iWeb pages, or that GarageBand lets you place clickable web links into a podcast?

Snow Leopard “a software platform for the future”

Reviewer Stephen H. Wildstrom ( calls Snow Leopard an “inexpensive and painless upgrade” that “also completes the transition from 32-bit to 64-bit computing, which enhances performance and allows the use of vast amounts of memory. Apple has pulled it off seamlessly.”

Mac OS X Snow Leopard best of breed

In a comprehensive Snow Leopard review, Michael Gartenberg ( writes: “Apple has evolved the OS in ways that change core infrastructure while preserving and refining the experience that has differentiated the platform over the years. The result is an elegant, modern OS with some new features that help it retain the status of best of breed in personal computing.”

New Logic Studio an “easy choice”

Calling out significant new Logic Studio features such as flexible audio editing, streamlined audio production, expanded guitar amps and effects, and enhanced MainStage live-performance capabilities, reviewer Peter Kirn ( awards it 4.5/5 mice. Writes Kirn: “The choice is easy: Logic Pro 9 should not be missed.”