AirPods Max with bone conduction could make phone calls more private

Future AirPods Max or other personal audio accessories could increase the privacy of sound, by using bone conduction to transmit calls or private audio to the user without being heard by anyone else.Like other forms of communication, audio can sometimes require a level of privacy. While music may be freely playable on a speaker with few privacy issues, a phone call with a loved one may not need to be broadcast to a room in such a way, and may even require the recipient to move away from other people.While holding an iPhone to your ear may be more private than using a speaker, and that earphones can be even more private, there’s still the issue of spillover audio. Even if you’re being as careful as possible to be the only person listening to a phone or earphones, there’s a chance that someone else in the same room can still hear what you’re listening to. Read more…
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