App retailer delivery Lets Apple scale down Lion Pricing

Apple’s Mac App retailer-simplest strategy for the discharge of OS X Lion has introduced consternation to some, particularly these in rural areas with out reliable high-pace web and folks in endeavor and academic IT departments. on the other hand, for a large workforce of Mac users — these out of doors the united states and Canada — the Mac App retailer is a boon for the pockets.

Apple made vital price cuts to Lion in comparison with what the company charged for Snow Leopard. for the reason that worth failed to change a lot in the usa or Canada — it rose 3% from $29 to $29.99 — we will think the main reason for the exchange in pricing is price savings from digital delivery.

Lion Price Change by CountryTo get pricing for Lion and Snow Leopard, we examined every country’s Apple on-line store and Lion launch pages. Some countries we checked out, significantly China, Hong Kong and South Korea, had no pricing introduced for Lion so we skipped them.

Lion Price Changes in Local Currency
Pricing used to be compared inside individual international locations so any VAT or taxation should be equivalent.

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