Apple Bans DUI Checkpoint Apps

Apple has delivered verbiage to the App store assessment pointers banning DUI checkpoint apps. presumably, the modified pointers are according to letters from 4 Democratic U.S. senators sent to Apple previous this yr. The letters requested Apple remove apps that supply “a database of DUI [driving under the influence] checkpoints updated in actual-time”. The Senators thought to be the checkpoint apps “a subject of public concern.”

part 22.8 of the up to date App retailer overview pointers reads:

Apps which contain DUI checkpoints that aren’t printed through regulation enforcement businesses, or inspire and let under the influence of alcohol using, shall be rejected.

Some legislation enforcement companies submit the place DUI checkpoints shall be situated in advance of time, and these notices have been exempted from the ban.

As we noted when the senators sent their letter, most of the apps in query also offer information on velocity traps, purple light and velocity cameras, accidents, and other visitors prerequisites, a few of which have additionally been regarded as controversial. however, the new pointers handiest mention DUI checkpoints.

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