Apple, Google & others partnering to improve diversity in big tech

A coalition of tech companies including Apple, Google, Snap, and Salesforce have teamed up with researchers to form the “Catalyze Tech” coalition to improve representation of minority groups in Silicon Valley.After more than a year of research surrounding minority representation in big tech by the Aspen Institute and other researchers, the Action to Catalyze Tech report has been released. Following the publication of the Action to Catalyze Tech report, a wide array of Silicon Valley big tech companies have signed on to take action.Over 30 CEOs and executives from leading technology organizations, including Airbnb, Apple, Dropbox, Etsy, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, Salesforce, Spotify, and Uber, have committed to being founding signatories of the ACT Report, pledging to hold themselves and their companies accountable. Together, these founders represent more than 500,000 tech employees. Read more…
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