Apple Resumes Product Sales in Turkey With Significant Price Hikes

Apple has resumed the sales of its products in Turkey just days after shuttering its sales operation following the Turkish lira collapsing against the U.S. dollar and rising economic concerns. With the resumption of product sales, Apple has also significantly increased the price of all of its products in the country as a result of inflation.

Over the past week, the Turkish lira has collapsed in value against the U.S. dollar, causing Apple to suspend product sales in the country. Now, Apple has reopened sales operations in Turkey for its online store, and presumably, in retail stores. This week, customers were also reportedly being turned down at Apple Stores in the country’s largest city, Istanbul.

iPhone 13 mini now starts at 13.999 TL, up from 10.999 TL

iPhone 13 now starts at 14.999 TL, up from 11.999 TL

iPhone 13 Pro now starts at 19.999 TL, up from 14.999 TL

iPhone 13 Pro Max now starts at 22.999 TL, up from 17.999 TL

Apple Watch Series 7 now starts at 5.399 TL, up from 4.399 TL

Apple Watch SE now starts at 3.799 TL, up from 3.099 TL

Apple Watch Series 3 now starts at 2.699 TL, up from 2.199 TL

13-inch MacBook Pro now starts at 17.499 TL, up from 14.999 TL

13-inch MacBook Air now starts at 13.499 TL, up from 10.999 TL

14-inch MacBook Pro now starts at 28.999 TL, up from 23.499 TL

16-inch MacBook Pro now starts at 35.499 TL, up from 28.999 TL

24-inch iMac now starts at 17.999 TL, up from 14.999 TL

27-inch iMac now starts at 23.999 TL, up from 19.979 TL

Mac Pro now starts at 79.999 TL, up from 67.449 TL

Mac mini now starts at 9.499 TL, up from 7.899 TL

AirPods Pro now starts at 3.599 TL, up from 2.899 TL

Third-generation AirPods now starts at 2.499 TL, up from 1.999 TL

AirPods Max now starts at 7.099 TL, up from 5.699 TL

iPad Pro now starts at 10.799 TL, up from 8.599 TL

iPad Air now starts at 7.999 TL, up from 6.399 TL

iPad now starts at 4.799 TL, up from 3.899 TL

iPad mini now starts at 7.199 TL, up from 5.799 TL

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Author: Sami Fathi