Apple nonetheless the use of SSDs With varying Speeds on New MacBook Air

a few months ago, we noted that Apple appeared to be using two totally different suppliers, Samsung and Toshiba, for the stable-state drives (SSDs) on its MacBook Air models. notably, the Samsung SSDs registered considerably quicker read and write speeds than the Toshiba SSDs. person reports indicated that Apple was certainly the use of each suppliers simultaneously, relatively making it a good fortune of the draw as to which SSD a user got in a given computer.

Engadget now points to a brand new video produced by means of TLD these days indicating that Apple is constant to rent this twin-supplier strategy for SSDs in the new MacBook Air, with the Samsung SSDs persevering with to offer extensively higher efficiency than the Toshiba drives.

Jonathan over at TLD found out a slightly significant discrepancy when benchmarking both MacBook Air models over the weekend. The 128GB Samsung SSD in his 11-inch Air was once in a position to achieve 246 MB/s write and 264 MB/s learn speeds. When he switched to the 13-inch variation, alternatively, speeds dropped to 156 MB/s and 208 MB/s, respectively, using that laptop’s 128GB Toshiba SSD.

The record indicates that users are unlikely to notice any distinction in everyday utilization between machines running the drives, despite the fact that the big efficiency difference does suggest that it could be significant for certain high-intensity duties.

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