Apple software stability & the new Self-Service Repair program on the AppleInsider podcast

On the AppleInsider podcast this week, Apple announces a new self-repair service launching in 2022, Apple markets SharePlay compatible apps, Apple Car efforts ramp up, and we discuss whether Apple has slacked off in software stability.Beginning in early 2022, users will going to be able to purchase over 200 parts for repairing iPhone 12, iPhone 13, and M1 Macs directly from Apple. It’s an unexpected move on Apple’s part, which appears to address the Right to Repair movement where many have called on the company to open up more repair options for their devices. Only major parts will be available at launch, such as iPhone battery and displays, but still this will mean more opportunities for users and third-party repair outlets alike.Next, a report from Bloomberg states that Apple is accelerating its efforts to produce an electric, self-driving vehicle. Deciding to pursue a fully autonomous vehicle, it’s said that Apple could potentially launch the product in 2025. Read more…
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