Compared: 2021 16-inch MacBook Pro vs Dell XPS 17

As Apple introduces its updated designs of MacBook Pro to the world, some other notebook producers are arguably moving in Apple-like ways. Here’s how the latest 16-inch MacBook Pro compares to the Dell XPS 17.Apple’s updates to the MacBook Pro lineup include several new and returning elements, with a notch and new screen joined by the revival of the HDMI port, memory card reader, and MagSafe.While Apple was previously using a minimal-port design to make the MacBook Pro streamlined and different from most other PC notebooks, it seems that in some cases, notebook vendors started to take note. In the case of Dell’s XPS 17, a highly popular performance notebook line, it looks like the notebook is using many of the MacBook Pro design cues, including in its limited number of ports. Read more…
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