Dubious ‘iPhone 15’ SIM tray removal rumor given weight by leakers

An iffy rumor from a Brazilian blog claiming Apple will remove the SIM tray from some iPhone 15′ models has gained traction, with an anonymous tip and a known leaker adding fuel to the claim.The SIM card tray has been a long-standing component of the iPhone, even with Apple’s inclusion of the eSIM in later versions. A dubious report from late December claimed that it would be removed from some models by 2023, a claim that has seemingly garnered some support.A December 24 post by Brazilian site BlogdoiPhone cited “internal sources” that the Pro models of the “iPhone 15” in 2023 would offer consumers dual-SIM support, but only through using two eSIMs. This would mean there wouldn’t be a SIM tray used at all for that particular model, if true. Read more…
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