Epic says Google set up a ‘Fortnite task force’ over Play Store moves

Google was so concerned that other app developers would follow Epic Games’ embrace of side-loading apps separate from the Play Store that it set up a “Fortnite task force” to maintain the status quo, an Epic court filing alleges.The lawsuit between Epic Games and Google largely centers around Google’s store policies and Epic’s desires to do things differently with its products. While the argument is similar to the Apple-Epic courtroom battle, a court filing made public on Monday claims Google has been dealing with more issues, due to Android allowing app sideloading.The filing from Epic reported by the Financial Times claims Google set up an internal task force to try and dissuade “Fortnite” players from downloading the game from sources other than the Play Store. In doing so, Epic says this helped Google secure transaction fees, but simultaneously worked against the idea of Android being an “open” platform. Read more…
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