FAA names airports protected by C-Band 5G rollout buffer

The Federal Aviation Administration has released a list of 50 airports around the U.S. that will have a 5G buffer zone around them, in a cautious move to prevent expansion of 5G networks using C-Band spectrum from interfering with cockpit instruments.AT&T and Verizon are preparing to upgrade their 5G networks with C-Band spectrum, a move that has caused turbulence for the carriers since the start of 2022. As part of an agreement to allow the rollout to occur, the carriers said they would avoid deploying around major airports, and on Friday, the FAA decided which airports would be affected.The list of 50 airports released on Friday largely consists of major international airports across the entire country, reports Reuters. The list includes airports serving Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York City, and Seattle, among others. Read more…
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