Google Chrome to gain MacBook battery-saving features soon

Google’s Chrome browser will consume fewer resources on Macs in the coming months, the search giant has confirmed, with the browser set to introduce a number of updates that will improve battery consumption and overall performance.On July 5, reports started to circulate about an experimental feature in Chrome 86, which makes changes to the way it handles background webpages. The feature, which reportedly worked for the macOS version of the browser as well as other platforms, limits Javascript timer wake-ups of background webpages to once per minute, cutting down on processing when a page wasn’t in view.Initial documents seen by TheWindowsClub revealed Google’s in-house experiment of the feature could allow a device’s battery life to be extended up almost two hours, in an instance where a browser had 36 tabs open and no other processing occurring. Battery life was also prolonged for situations where processing was taking place, alongside the massive number of browser tabs, albeit with shorter times.Read more…
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