How to skip lines at Disney World using Genie+ and Lightning Lane

Disney’s new paid Genie+ service allows purchasers to blow through most of the phenomenally long lines with an app on your iPhone — with some caveats. Here’s how to use it, and some quirks about it that you need to know before you plunk down cash for it, beyond what you paid for tickets.Amongst other changes beyond the scope of this article, Disney used the COVID-19 limited attendance period as an excuse to shut down its previously-running FastPass service. With that service, you could pick two rides long before you arrived to mostly skip the lines with few exceptions, and then check in at a ride after you used those two to get a return time to do the same.Recently, though, it replaced that free service with Genie+ — a $15 per person, per day service as an extension of a free day-planning service called Genie. Here’s how to use it, what it will work on, and what you have to pay yet more for to skip the lines. Read more…
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