iOS 14: All the New Features With Guides and How Tos

Over the course of the iOS 14 beta test, we here at MacRumors have been putting together in-depth feature guides, tutorial videos, and how tos on the new features in the iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 updates.

Many of our MacRumors readers have likely been running the betas for a couple of months now, but those who are new to the update will want to check out all of the content we have available below. It’s also a great resource to send to friends and family members who have questions about iOS and iPadOS 14 content.
So…You Just Installed iOS 14?

If you just installed iOS 14, it’s always a little daunting to figure out how to take advantage of all the new features. We made this video to walk a new iOS 14 user through the first things you should do to start taking advantage of the new features.

Now that you’re set up with the basics, let’s move on to our top iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 features.
Top iOS 14 Features for iPhone

In our Top iOS 14 Features article and video, we highlighted what we thought were the best features of the release. Watch the video or read the article which dives into the features in a bit more depth.

Video time index links:
Picture in Picture FaceTime
Compact Phone Calls
App Library
Third-Party Default Apps
Search in Apps
Emoji Search
Approximate Location Sharing
Back Tap
Exposure Lock
QuickTake Video
HomeKit Control Center
Custom Widget Stacks
Apple Music Redesign
Apple Music Autoplay
iPad-Specific Features in iPadOS 14

iPad owners also get a number of new features specifically for their devices. iPadOS 14 Features You Need to Know covered notable iPad-only features that can be found in the latest update. Similarly, the video will take you through them all but the article expands on each feature.

Video time index links:
Notes Handwriting Improvements
App Sidebars and Toolbars
Compact Siri
Compact FaceTime/Phone UI
Search Improvements
Safari Updates
Emoji Popover Menu
Apple Music Lyrics
More Subtle “Hidden” Features

Once you’ve absorbed all that, here’s our “hidden” feature list that incorporates lesser known items that we’ve found and liked in iOS 14:

This video covers features like sound recognition, 4K YouTube, FaceTime eye contact, and more.
In Depth iOS 14 Feature Guides

These are in-depth guides that cover all the new features in the main sections of iOS 14.
Home Screen Setup: App Library, Widgets, Hiding Apps
Compact Interface: Phone Calls, FaceTime, Siri and More
Privacy Features: Approximate Location, Clipboard Access Warnings, Limited Photos Access and More
Photos and Camera: QuickTake Shortcut, Photo Captions, Mirrored Selfies, and More
Messages: Pinned Chats, Inline Replies, Mentions
Safari: Privacy Report, Built-In Translation, Compromised Password Alerts and More
Sleep Features: Sleep Mode, Wind Down, Sleep Tracking and More
Translate: Apple’s Built-In Translate App That Works With 11 Languages
Maps: Cycling Directions, Guides, Refine Location and More
New AirPods Features: Spatial Audio, Better Automatic Device Switching, Battery Notifications and More
Magnifier Gets Overhauled UI and New Features, Can Be Added to Home Screen
Useful How Tos
How to Search for Emoji on iPhone
How to Mute Conversations in Messages on iPhone and iPad in iOS 14
How to Use Home Screen Widgets
How to Actually Hide the Hidden Photos Album
How to Use iOS 14’s Picture in Picture With YouTube Videos
How to Know When an App is Using Your iPhone Camera or Microphone
How to Use Sleep Mode on iPhone and Apple Watch
How to Translate Webpages in Safari on iPhone
How to Reduce Loud Sounds When Listening Over Headphones
How to Translate Text in Apple’s Translate App
How to Get Cycling Directions in Apple Maps
How to Hide Home Screen App Pages on iPhone in iOS 14
How to Use the App Library on iPhone
iOS 14 Discussion
MacRumors readers use our iOS 14 forum to discuss software performance, minor tweaks, apps, and more, so if you want to join in, you can click this link. Our forums are also a great resource if you need iOS 14 help.
More Help

Have a question not covered in our guides and how tos? Let us know in the comments or send us an email here. Send us an email here. You can always find more on all of the iOS 14 features in our iOS 14 roundup.Related Roundups: iOS 14, iPadOS 14This article, “iOS 14: All the New Features With Guides and How Tos” first appeared on MacRumors.comDiscuss this article in our forums

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