‘iPhone SE Plus’ with 5G rumored to arrive in 2022, larger-screen ‘iPhone SE 3’ in 2024

Apple is rumored to launch a follow-up to its entry-level iPhone SE in 2022, with the next-generation model supposedly adding 5G capabilities and not much else.Analyst Ross Young offered details on a third-generation iPhone SE in a tweet Monday, saying the upcoming handset will boast 5G connectivity and carry over a 4.7-inch LCD screen borrowed from iPhone 8. Apple integrated a number of iPhone 8 components in its 2020 iPhone SE, including a rounded-edge chassis, Touch ID home button and single rear-facing camera.While the new SE lacks an enlarged display, Ross said Apple plans to brand the smartphone as “iPhone SE Plus.” Beyond 5G and anticipated internal component upgrades, like a modern A-series processor, it is unclear what features will merit the “Plus” designation. Read more…
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