iPhone v1.1.four jailbreak and SIM release answer gets real – iNdependence up to date to jailbreak / release iPhone v1.1.4 firmware!

right, so remember that after I told you that the iPhone v1.1.four firmware would be jailbroken post haste? Yea, well, v1.1.4 simply received jailbroken! whereas the rest of us had been expecting zibri to unencumber an up to date ZiPhone that would reliably jailbreak the iPhone v1.1.four firmware, iNdependence swooped in underneath the radar to say the v1.1.4 jailbreak-prize. The Mac-based totally iPhone-amendment device has been updated – iNdependence 1.4 beta 5 is ready to rock and roll with the latest iPhone firmware. in case you’ve go

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