iTunes music retailer Coming soon to 10 New European Union countries?

Polish newspaper Rzeczpospolitareports [Google translation] that Apple is ready to launch the iTunes track retailer in ten new European Union (ecu) nations. while the precise timing of the launch is unknown, sources have indicated that Apple may launch the services “at any time”, probably as soon as next month.

The document names Poland, Hungary, and the Czech Republic as nations set to receive new iTunes track retailers, however the extra seven nations are usually not exact. Of the 27 European Union member states, twelve currently do not supply iTunes music retailer services: Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, and Slovenia. speculation means that Cyprus and Malta may be the two eu countries overlooked of the launch, due partly to geographic isolation and their standing as the 2 international locations having the smallest populations among those currently without track stores.

The iTunes track store is presently available in nearly two dozen international locations, making an increase of ten international locations a considerable addition to Apple’s offerings, even though most effective Poland (38 million) and Romania (22 million) out of the candidate international locations have populations appreciably above 10 million. Apple’s App store is energetic in many dozens of countries around the globe, including all 27 member states of the eu, but get admission to to the track section of the iTunes retailer is significantly more limited these days because of the difficulties of licensing content material in every market.

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