Mac Mini Teardown reveals doable for user-Installable second laborious drive

just like the MacBook Air the day past, iFixit has also conducted a teardown of the new Mac mini. while the internals are similar to the previous generation, the teardown does expose that customers might be able to install a 2d onerous power on their own if a proper cable can be found.

the potential of adding a 2nd onerous force is made that you can imagine by way of Apple’s removing of the optical drive from all models of the Mac mini, leaving sufficient room for a conventional laborious pressure or stable-state force to be put in. From iFixit’s weblog publish on the teardown:

Apple has achieved away with the optical pressure and replaced it with some good old-fashioned vacancy. We found that gap (as well as the empty further SATA connection on the good judgment board) to be good for adding a secondary arduous force — primarily bypassing the $four hundred top class over the “server” adaptation. the only snag on this master plan is with the ability to find another laborious drive cable to hook it up to the logic board, something we’ll work on sourcing.

Apple of course already offers the choice of two onerous drives on the server adaptation of the Mac mini, despite the fact that that version also brings different improvements together with a quad-core Intel Core i7 processor that push the associated fee to $999, a $four hundred top rate over the entry-stage edition.

With the Mac mini being slightly straightforward to open up and repair, users having a look so as to add a 2nd exhausting pressure to their Mac mini with out going all in on the server version could in fact be able to take action, provided that the perfect onerous power cable will also be discovered for purchase.

Like the brand new MacBook Air, the revised Mac mini additionally includes a new Bluetooth four.0 chip and Thunderbolt capabilities, in addition to some other minor updates to components

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