more proof for 2048×1536 iPad Retina display

extra proof has emerged to suggest that a future model of the iPad will game a “Retina” show with a resolution of 2048×1536, or double the horizontal and vertical pixels of the present iPad.

back in January, a collection of images have been discovered inside iPad apps exhibiting icons twice the dimensions needed for the 1024×768 monitor on the iPad. This instructed a equivalent pixel-doubling approach to that used in the iPhone four’s Retina show. that exact feature wasn’t included within the iPad 2, but perhaps will be in the iPad 3.

New clues relating to a that you can think of 2048×1536 iPad display have been mentioned today by Techunwrapped. Their tipster noticed the Twitter.framework throughout the iOS SDK had huge pictures, twice the dimensions wanted for the current iPad:

As I was going through the iOS SDK I got here across some pictures within the new Twitter .framework. The decision seems to be 1,536 x 2,048.

The Twitter.framework is the only framework i discovered to have these enormous photography.

Techunwrapped goes on to signify that for the reason that massive photography have been only incorporated within the Twitter part of the iOS SDK — a fairly new part of the iOS codebase — it approach an iPad three will come out in the same timeframe as iOS 5 is launched.

in line with the invention of pixel-doubled iPad pictures way back to January, we are hesitant to glue any vital timeline to these discoveries, however they are simply extra indicators that Apple plans to free up a Retina show-geared up iPad.

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