My First Apple MacDay – Apple MacBook

It was February 24th, 2007, when i got my first own Apple MacBook, 13.3″ with Core 2 Duo 2.0 GHz processor and 1G Ram.
Do you remember day, when you got your first Apple?

apple-macbook01.jpg apple-macbook02.jpg apple-macbook03.jpg apple-macbook04.jpg apple-macbook05.jpg apple-macbook06.jpg apple-macbook07.jpg apple-macbook08.jpg apple-macbook09.jpg apple-macbook11.jpg apple-macbook12.jpg apple-macbook13.jpg apple-macbook15.jpg apple-macbook16.jpg apple-macbook17.jpg apple-macbook18.jpg apple-macbook20.jpg apple-macbook10.jpg

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