My First Apple MacDay – Macintosh – Apple Powerbook Duo 2300c

This Macintosh – Apple Powerbook Duo 2300c was purchased in 1996. And it still works as a new. Battery is still in good, original condition.
Macintosh Powerbook Duo 2300c is powered by a 100 Mhz 603e processor with 8 MB of Ram and have 750 MB hard disk drive. The screen is 9.5″ with active matrix.
And i actually like to play with this Macintosh. It takes me back in time!

macintosh-powerbook-duo-2300c01.jpg macintosh-powerbook-duo-2300c02.jpg macintosh-powerbook-duo-2300c03.jpg macintosh-powerbook-duo-2300c04.jpg macintosh-powerbook-duo-2300c05.jpg macintosh-powerbook-duo-2300c06.jpg macintosh-powerbook-duo-2300c07.jpg macintosh-powerbook-duo-2300c08.jpg macintosh-powerbook-duo-2300c09.jpg macintosh-powerbook-duo-2300c10.jpg macintosh-powerbook-duo-2300c11.jpg

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