OWC Thunderbolt Hub review: Three Thunderbolt ports from one host connector

OWC’s Thunderbolt Hub is the world’s first dock that will give you more Thunderbolt 3 or 4 ports than it occupies on your MacBook Pro, but it’s not for everybody.There are many docks on the market that offer ways to add more ports to the usually port-constrained MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. Along with offering more ports to use than Apple supplies in its products, docks and hubs provide display and peripheral connectivity to a host Mac through a single cable, one that even offers a way to power the Mac too.A “normal” Thunderbolt dock connects through one of a Mac’s Thunderbolt ports and provides access to a plethora of other types of ports that for the most part on its portable line, Apple has not seen fit to include. With the OWC Thunderbolt Dock, the focus is on Thunderbolt, with the port on the front intended for the host Mac, and the three on the other side for Thunderbolt connectivity to peripherals and the like. Read more…
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