REvil ransomware group that targeted Apple supplier gets hacked, taken offline

REvil, the ransomware group responsible for a string of high-profile hacks including that of Apple supplier Quanta, was this week hacked by a cohort of government actors in an operation that hobbled the entity’s online presence.Citing sources familiar with the matter, Reuters on Thursday reported that the FBI, U.S. Cyber Command, and the Secret Service joined forces with unnamed foreign governments to hack into REvil’s infrastructure and take control of certain servers.While specifics of the operation were not disclosed, it appears that efforts to infiltrate the group accelerated shortly after REvil breached IT management firm Kaseya in July. Following the attack, the FBI gained access to a universal decryption key that allowed affected companies to recover deleted files without paying a ransom, the report said. That key was withheld from Kaseya and the impacted firms as the FBI carried out a hacking operation targeting REvil associates. Read more…
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