RogerS may supply ‘unlimited’ $7 data Plan For iPhone 2.0

The phantom “Un-named supply” has struck once more. This time he’s put a word in the ear of Electronista, giving pricing small print of Canadian telco Rogers’ iPhone plans. whereas the handset itself is predicted to value around the comparable as in the united states, the info plans shall be much cheaper. The phantom tipster says that the brand new iPhone will qualify for Rogers’ $7 per month all-you-can-devour plan. This raises a few questions. so far as we all know, that is the primary time the iPhone has been allowed to make use of a n

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1 comment on “RogerS may supply ‘unlimited’ $7 data Plan For iPhone 2.0

  1. steveoevets

    No likely. They are already offering this plan and it’s for WAP data not full web browser access like the iPhone offers.

    I have had an iPhone here n Vancouver since it’s launch and I can tell you that data access for me really hasn’t been an issue in terms of overage charges etc. That said I would welcome a better data plan.

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