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the usage of Your iPhone as your house phone: the last word VOIP solution

I’ve been gathering requirements for my Asterisk-primarily based residence VOIP machine and have just had an epiphany. I don’t want to purchase any wireless VOIP telephones to use with my… Read more »

British Invasion: iPhone to Surpass Nokia as Dominant cell Browser in UK

source: WikipediaBlimey! howdy, Bert – you see this news on the small screen television today? Yeah, cakes. It says ere that iPhone is kicking Nokia’s bum something terrible within the… Read more »

iPhone/contact SDK: giochi multitouch, IM e VoIP

source: FlickriPhone/contact SDK: giochi multitouch, IM e VoIP La unlock beta dell’SDK sarà scaricabile, per ora, solo dagli sviluppatori, mentre la versione ufficiale sarà pubblicata in giugno, scaricabile con il… Read more »