This Backpack Will Support Apple’s ‘Find My’ Location Tracking Without an AirTag

Accessory maker Targus this week announced that its Cypress Hero EcoSmart Backpack with built-in support for Apple’s Find My app has been named a CES 2022 Innovation Awards Honoree ahead of the annual tech event in Las Vegas.

The backpack is equipped with a small tracking module that allows the backpack’s location to be tracked in the Find My app on the iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch without needing to use an AirTag. Based on an image shown on the CES website, it appears the backpack will support Precision Finding, which allows users with an iPhone 11 or newer to see the exact distance and direction to the backpack with audible, visual, and haptic feedback. Apple opened up the U1 chip to third-party accessories earlier this year.

If the backpack is separated from its owner but outside of Bluetooth range, there is still a chance that the crowdsourced Find My network can help track it down. If another iPhone user happens to walk by the backpack, for example, their iPhone can detect Bluetooth signals from the backpack and relay the location back to its owner anonymously.

Targus said the backpack has a padded compartment that can hold up to a 16-inch MacBook Pro, and several other compartments and pockets for additional devices and personal items. The “equivalent of 26 plastic water bottles in recycled materials” were used in producing each backpack, the company added.

The backpack is slated for retail availability in spring 2022, but pricing has yet to be disclosed. CES 2022 takes place January 5-8 in Las Vegas and online.Tags: Find My, CES 2022This article, “This Backpack Will Support Apple’s ‘Find My’ Location Tracking Without an AirTag” first appeared on MacRumors.comDiscuss this article in our forums

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Author: Joe Rossignol