TSMC staff depart for higher salaries with rival Chinese chip foundries

Chinese chip producers are tempting employees from Apple chip partner TSMC to jump ship, with more than 100 engineers and managers said to have taken the bait of higher wages as rival foundries attempt to shift away from relying on external suppliers.Companies including Quanxin Integrated Circuit Manufacturing (QXIC) and Wuhan Hongxin Semiconductor Manufacturing Co (HSMC) are chip producers based in China that are said to have hired more than 50 former TSMC employees. The firms, which were founded in 2019 and 2017 respectively, are headed up by ex-TSMC executives, and are pushing to develop their own 14-nanometer and 12-nanometer processes.Sources of Nikkei Asian Review suggest it is an attempt to foster a chip industry for domestic China that operates without any reliance on foreign firms. Newer companies like QXIC and HSMC are trying to catch up with TSMC’s technology with the support of local governments, with a view to showing the national government they are contributing to make China competitive in chip technology.Read more…
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