Month: December 2007

the final word Leopard Tweaking information

No matter how good Apple Mac OS X Leopard is, there will always be features that people dislike, and want to change. And while Apple may think they have the perfect recipe for a perfect OS, many power-users will want to tweak OS X to their liking. Appletell has compiled a list of several ways to tweak your Leopard.

iPhone 1.1.three update established, Breaks Apps and Unlocks

An anonymous reader writes “Gizmodo has gathered conclusive evidence which confirms that the iPhone Firmware 1.1.3 update is 100% real. It installs only from iTunes using the obligatory Apple private encryption key, which nobody has. The list of new features, like GPS-like triangulation positioning in Google Maps, has been confirmed too. Apparently it will be coming out next week, but there’s bad news as expected: it breaks the unlocks, patches the previous vulnerabilities used by hackers and takes away all your third-party applications.”

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

iPhone Firmware 1.1.three a hundred% demonstrated, Breaks free up Apps

Gizmodo confirms that the iPhone Firmware 1.1.3 is 100% real after talking gathering solid evidence. The update installs without any problem in iTunes, which requires Apple’s private encryption key to work. The previously published features are real as well. The update patches previous hacking methods, breaks unlock and third-party apps.

Proof the iPod’s White Earbuds do not Suck…That much

We had a plan. After years of bitching and moaning about crappy, stock Apple earbuds, we were going to put Apple in their place, and once and for all, prove what a lousy product they were packaging with their iPods…

essential Mac Apps for the new Switcher

Once you convince your friends to get a Mac, they’ll want to know which applications to use or try out first! Here is a list for all those new Mac users who want a list of the most useful, must-have Mac applications that aren’t included with your Mac.

know-how customers received more option in ’07

In 2007 The computing world revolved around Microsoft, your wireless carrier controlled what your cellphone could do, and the record labels locked your legal music downloads with software to limit what you could do with them.