Month: February 2013

Apple Now ‘more flexible’, ‘much less conceited’ studies France Telecom CEO

talking at an experience with newshounds, France Telecom-Orange CEO Stephane Richard mentioned that Apple used to be “more versatile”, “paying more consideration to everyone else” and “rather less arrogant” than… Read more »

‘suppose different’ advert creator believes latest Samsung advertisements are getting the perfect of Apple

the former ingenious director at advertising firm TBWAChiatDay, who got here up with the identify “iMac” as well as Apple’s iconic “suppose totally different” campaign, believes Samsung’s newest tv ads… Read more »

‘suppose different’ campaign Creator Suggests Apple needs to Step up its promotion sport to Counter Samsung

Ken Segall, the inventive director at the back of the assume different campaign and creator of Insanely easy, a e-book about his experiences of that time, has prompt Apple is… Read more »