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Apple’s Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre hit with $25 million bill for Beats headphones royalties

Beats was purchased by Apple quite a while back. With that being said, Apple has yet to design any Beats products in-house, continuing to use the original Beats designs. Today,… Read more »

Apple SVP Bruce Sewell interview details clash with Qualcomm over iPhone royalties

A new report from Bloomberg goes into detail about how relations between Apple and Qualcomm soured so quickly, after years of collaboration, featuring quotes from Qualcomm executives and excerpts from… Read more »

Pandora to pay $90 million in settling royalties lawsuit over pre-1972 recordings

Pandora has reached a $ 90 million settlement with record labels over royalties from pre-1972 recordings, which were under contention because they don’t fall under U.S. federal copyright protections. AppleInsider… Read more »