9 things Apple iPad misses

9 things Apple iPad misses – After three years Apple is back to what it is known to be best at — launch new product. The computing giant launched iPad, a sleek table that aims to revolutionise the publishing business the same way as Apple iPod transformed the music industry and iPhone transformed the telecom industry.

But can iPad really do what iPod and iPhone could in their respective domains? While there are many who are going gaga over Apples new launch and see it as a disruptive technology. There are others who are cautious and apprehensive.

The critics are lamenting the absence of some features which they feel are basic for any product of  iPad category. So what is it that is missing from Apples big launch? Read on to find out.

Lack of camera

One big miss in Apple iPad is camera. Lack of camera seems disappointing especially since the device is said to be somewhere between a smart phone and laptop. And in todays smart phones presence of camera seems almost default. Thailand Ladyboys

Lack of camera means there is no option to video chat or even do video-conferencing.

No SD card support

With iPad coming in 16, 32 and 64 GB versions, storage seems big. But still extra storage is always welcome. And with no SD card support that option is not available.

No Adobe Flash support

Another big miss is absence of Flash support. With a screen as big as 9.7 inches, Flash support is surely to be missed.

As surfing the Web without Flash is not same. The `big, empty video boxes in the middle of a page that will appear are sure to disappoint. People wont be able to access miniclip, play farmville, watch ESPN or Hulu.

In iPhone 3GS too when users browse through Web pages with Adobe Flash, it displays empty spaces with missing icons.

Lack of multitasking with applications.

Multitasking seems to be becoming a computing norm, with even mobile OSes offering it. However, there is no multitasking option in iPads OS. This means for example users cant listen to FM while they surf the Web, or switch back and forth between Facebook at Twitter, or write an email while talking on a VOIP call.

Widescreen/Aspect Ratio

Analysts feel that a 4:3 aspect ratio may be just perfect for using iPhone apps in full screen mode. However, a similar aspect ratio may not be as good for media. Especially since the digital world is rapidly moving to widescreen formats.

Digital ink and paper

Being touted as a Kindle killer by many, Apple iPad is not exactly that. For, Apple iPad lacks the advantages of a digital ink and paper which are considered to be integral parts of an e-reader.


There is no facility for HDMI output in iPad. This means users will not be able to view HD videos on a large TV screen even if they have downloaded the same from iTunes.

Need of Adapters

The design may seem just seamless. But, you may find it too seamless when you will figure out the number of adapters you would require with it. Apple iPad has no USB ports reportedly. So, whatever you want to use with it camera, printer or even a USB, you would need an adapter for it.

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