An eight-Megapixel picture from the iPhone 4S

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Following the posting of a hands-on video of the iPhone 4S, AppVV has also it sounds as if posted the first consumer photograph eager about an iPhone 4S. The photo above used to be all in favour of an iPhone 4S and measures in at 3264 x 2448 pixels.

EXIF knowledge is rather simple to manipulate and the picture has taken a cross thru Photoshop to be able to add the watermark, but given the existence of the arms-on video, the picture is probably going genuine.

As part of its promotional materials for the iPhone 4S posted following closing week’s media event, Apple incorporated full-decision sample photos, but the new image from AppVV offers an instance of the standard of photographs customers can predict merely from snapping a snappy picture. And remaining month, a photo it seems that taken via an Apple engineer using an iPhone 4S in brief appeared on Flickr, with the respectable specs for the iPhone 4S digicam announced closing week all however confirming that the photograph was once indeed taken by means of the instrument.

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