Anti-vax app ejected from App Store over user content issues

Apple has ejected a social app aimed at unvaccinated people from the App Store, in a bid to halt the spread of COVID-19 misinformation.Unjected, an app that launched in May and was originally intended for dating and introductions in a community that supports “medical autonomy and free speech,” was updated to introduce more social elements. A social feed gave users the opportunity to contribute content, which has since become a headache for the app’s developers.An app review for the Android version conducted by Google Play deemed it to have insufficiently policed the user-generated content for misinformation, reports Bloomberg. Emails sent to the developer by Google cited posts about the COVID-19 vaccines were at issue, including claims they were “experimental mRNA gene modifiers,” as well as mentions of 5G and microchip narratives. Read more…
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