Apple and Android gain Smartphone Marketshare at cost of RIM and Microsoft

comScore released their newest numbers for the relative market shares of the mobile market. Apple continues to inch upward with 11.2% of total U.S. cellular Subscribers.

This percent share is up from 9.eight% in August and 10.2% in September. Apple’s increase was once larger than its rivals all the way through this time which covers the introduction of the iPhone 4S. Apple has traditionally trended smartly with regular gains in this measure over time. These numbers are for each smartphone and non-smartphone subscribers within the U.S.

Amongst Smartphone platforms, Google’s Android continues to guide at 46.9% over Apple’s 28.7% however both platforms grew previously few months as compared to both Microsoft and RIM.

Microsoft, RIM and Symbian saw continued declines in Smartphone marketshare over the past quarter. the variation in trade between Apple and Android’s increase is even smaller (1.three factors vs 2.1 points) when evaluating the November numbers to September numbers. The iPhone 4S’s launch in October must had been coated in these figures.

comScore’s data tracks installed user base fairly than new handset sales, making it more reflective of actual-world utilization but slower to answer transferring market trends than another studies.

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