Apple blockading Out vacations for October 14th iPhone 5 Retail Launch?

Sicily Apple retailer, picture courtesy of Valerio.
AppleInsider reports that Apple has started denying vacation requests for employees during the 2nd week of October.

Apple is quietly denying requests for worker vacations all through the 2d week of October, hinting that the company at the moment anticipates an influx of customers to its retailers around that time related to availability of its new iOS 5 and fifth-technology iPhone merchandise.

particularly, dates from October ninth through twelfth and October 14th thru fifteenth are said to be constrained, suggesting Apple plans on launching new merchandise throughout that time.

the first set of dates from October 9th-twelfth may characterize iOS 5 launch, as Apple has knowledgeable AppleCare to predict an inflow of toughen calls beginning on October 10th. Coincidentally, Twitter has introduced their own developer session in London on the same date. The October tenth Twitter developer session is claimed to have a “heavy focal point on the iOS 5 Twitter integration”.

in the meantime, the 14th to 15th dates means that Apple may be getting ready for a retail launch of their next generation iPhones on that Friday, the 14th. The timeframe is in step with other circulating iPhone rumors as well as our information of Apple’s anticipated availability for the White iPod contact.

Apple is anticipated to hold a media adventure on October 4th to announce the next generation iPhone in addition to the respectable launch of iOS 5.

replace: UK Apple outlets were similarly advised to block out the “first two weeks of October”.

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