Apple bearing in mind Barnes & Noble Acquisition?

Apple may be taking a look at an acquisition of bookseller Barnes & Noble, consistent with an “unproven supply” at BGR:

We got a tip from an unproven source claiming to have information of discussions inside Apple to possibly buy Barnes & Noble…

This unproven supply also said that iTunes eleven would be released in September along with iOS 5 and iCloud, and can support reading iBooks on computer systems in addition to textbook purchases and rentals.

it is unclear what Apple would gain from any such purchase. B&N has greater than seven-hundred retailers plus any other 600 college bookstores, as well as decent digital penetration with its own eBookstore and Nook e-reader.

Barnes & Noble is at the moment buying and selling with a market cap simply above $1b, which might be an awfully small dent in Apple’s $seventy six billion cash pile, although the associated fee would clearly be higher as a takeover top rate.

We’re somewhat skeptical about the whole thing and mention it essentially to inspire conversation. If Apple really needed to purchase a bookseller, it may have offered Borders at fire sale prices. Wall boulevard seems unimpressed via the rumor: Barnes & Noble’s stock worth is flat on the day.

(image by way of Flickr/cjc4454)

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