Apple Discontinues ZFS venture

Zaurus writes “Apple has changed its ZFS mission page with a discover that ‘The ZFS challenge has been discontinued. The mailing record and repository will even be eliminated shortly.’ Apple in the beginning touted ZFS as a feature that might be available in Snow Leopard Server. just a few months prior to unlock, all point out of ZFS was once faraway from the Apple site and literature, and ZFS used to be significantly absent from Snow Leopard Server at launch. regardless of repeated makes an attempt to get clarification about their plans from ZFS, Apple has not made any reliable commentary concerning the subject. A zfs-macos Google group has been set up for contributors of Apple’s zfs-speak about mailing list emigrate to, as many individuals had began using the unfinished ZFS port already. the call is out for developers who can continue the forked undertaking.” Daring Fireball suggests that Apple’s resolution could have been inspired by way of NetApp’s patent lawsuit over ZFS.

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