Apple Has Shipped 7.5 Million Face Shields to Healthcare Workers Worldwide

Apple in early April tapped its engineers and supplier companies to construct face shields for medical workers around the world, and Apple has now shipped a total of 7.5 million face shields.

Apple CEO Tim Cook announced the news during today’s earnings call covering the second fiscal quarter of 2020. Apple is continuing to construct and ship one million face shields each week.

Cook also said that Apple’s COVID-19 screening app has been downloaded more than two million times, and the web version of the site has been accessed by 3 million unique visitors. Apple’s U.S. COVID-19 app was developed in partnership with the CDC, FEMA, and the White House Coronavirus Task Force.

In addition to constructing and shipping face masks, Apple has sourced and donated more than 20 million N95 masks to healthcare workers around the world, which are critical for those who are exposed to COVID-19 on a daily basis.

Apple has also donated millions of dollars to various causes dedicated to cutting down on the spread of COVID-19, and has developed an exposure notification API that public health authorities will be able to adopt to create apps that will help track coronavirus exposure.This article, “Apple Has Shipped 7.5 Million Face Shields to Healthcare Workers Worldwide” first appeared on MacRumors.comDiscuss this article in our forums

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Author: Juli Clover