Apple’s Campus 2 spaceship gets off the ground in latest official aerial shot


Following the latest 4K drone flyover video we posted earlier this month, Apple has shared an updated aerial shot showing construction progress on its Campus 2 project in Cupertino. The new shot shows significant developments since last month’s official image.

The aerial shot above shows the main circular structure and surrounding campus starting to take shape. Apple shared the image through the City of Cupertino’s webpage tracking the Campus 2 project. 

In February, Apple gave a first sneak peek at the campus from the ground of the construction site while CEO Tim Cook visited German glass maker seele to inspect 2400 giant panels being prepared for the circular Campus 2 structure.

Apple expects to complete construction on the new campus by the end of 2016, moving around 12,000 of its employees to the site. You can get the full rundown on the project and the latest drone flyover videos of the site in our Apple Campus 2 project timeline.

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