Apple’s profit Share among top cell phone companies Rises to sixty six%

Apple’s share of earnings raked in via the arena’s top publicly-traded mobile phone companies rose once once more this quarter, as asymco‘s Horace Dediu notes within the latest variation of his quarterly monitoring studies. in step with Dediu’s calculations, Apple’s share of income among the many eight firms tracked rose to 66%, up from 57% ultimate quarter.

This quarter noticed a mild sequential decline in overall profit for the field, however 4 vendors did not handle a make the most of promoting phones. Nokia, Motorola, Sony-Ericsson and LG all noticed losses. the other companies cut up the rather decreased pie with Apple getting two thirds of it (66.3%)

This share is up from fifty seven% in Q1 and 50% in Q3 and q4. Samsung’s share went to 15%, although that’s not a top level traditionally. In Q1 2008 the corporate was at 21%. RIM used to be at 11%, a degree in a variety that has been unchanged for three years. at last, HTC captured 7.4%, a brand new high and a rise from 6% considering last quarter.

Dediu notes that smartphones have turn out to be the main driver of mobile phone vendor profitability, giving Apple a major aspect over most of the competition with its smartphone-only offerings.

Apple first grabbed the profit share lead from Nokia manner back within the fourth quarter of 2008, and hit the 50% mark a 12 months ago in the third quarter of 2010. Apple after all only holds about 5.6% unit share within the complete mobile phone market, however earns rather more revenue on its premium-priced iPhones than other providers do with their choices.

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