Apple’s Suppliers making ready for Fall Launch of iPhone 5 and iPad 3?

DigiTimes experiences that upstream suppliers in Apple’s manufacturing chain have been given orders to begin getting ready for production of next-technology iPhone and iPad, with a debut expected in the September-October timeframe.

Taiwan-based totally companies incorporated within the supply chain for iPhone 5 and iPad three have begun to prepare materials for the production of the two gadgets, which might be prone to make their debuts in September and to hit the market in October, according to business sources. … The sources pointed out that Apple handiest plans to launch one edition of the brand new iPhone, whereas iPad three has just recently been introduced to the production time table with both set to be produced in small volumes in August and the quantity will start picking up in September and October.

whereas Apple has been extensively rumored to be getting ready to launch its next-era iPhone inside that timeframe, a brand new iPad has been a controversial matter. plenty of sources have reported that Apple may introduce an updated iPad simply months after the release of the iPad 2 as the company seeks to handle its stranglehold on the pill market in the face of abruptly-increasing competitors, however these claims had been met with skepticism by way of others anticipating Apple to roughly stick to its overall annual update cycle.

consistent with the lately’s document, the new iPad is often thinner and lighter than the present iPad 2 and can strengthen a display resolution of approximately 250 dpi, which might be double that of the iPad and iPad 2.

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