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What’s the difference between apptrackr and

  • apptrackr is faster than Appulous (new, better hardware)
  • apptrackr’s caching functionality is advanced (uses ideas from Kyek’s RECache algorithm).
  • apptrackr is much better looking, with own theme
  • apptrackt support most iTunes stores

As Apptrackr runs on a backup of Appulous and you were already registered on Appulous you can log in and use the website!
How can I access apptrackr on my iDevice/iPhone?

Apptrackr has a mobile template which allows you to surf the website using MobileSafari.

Apptrackr API is will allow developers to support apptrackr on their websites and applications

What’s going to happen to Appulous?

Kyek runs Appulous, but it is was funded entirely by Hackulous. Now that apptrackr is the main community resource for iPhone and iPod Touch apps, donations will be diverted from Appulous to apptrackr.

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