Booting OS X Lion GM: No Welcome Video, New Introduction to Scrolling

With Apple having seeded the Golden grasp (GM) model of OS X Lion prior today, users are eventually getting a have a look at what the OS X Lion expertise must be like in the delivery model.

One staple of Mac OS X installations during the last several versions has been the welcome video that shows in the beginning boot, exhibiting an animation of the word “Welcome” in various different languages and set to the track “Exodus Honey” by Honeycut [iTunes hyperlink]:

unfortunately for enthusiasts of the video, neither the earlier welcome video nor a new one appears to be integrated within the GM version of OS X Lion. while a welcome video might conceivably nonetheless be added on the closing minute, earlier OS X releases have seen the video incorporated in GM seeds.

as a substitute, OS X Lion boots straight into Setup Assistant to lend a hand users get up and operating. And one new addition to Setup Assistant is an introduction to Multi-touch scrolling, offering users a glimpse at the more desirable Multi-touch options included in the new operating gadget.

The text and picture are customized relying on the input device being used, reminiscent of a Magic Mouse or built-in trackpad.

OS X Lion is set to be launched to the public later this month and can be available solely in the course of the Mac App retailer for $29.ninety nine.

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