Controversy, an antitrust hearing, and Tim Cook in a suit – July 2020 in Review

There may not have been the new 2020 iMac we’d hoped for, but Apple was rarely out of the headlines in July, with a series of controversies, an unimaginable amount of cash — and a surprising number of launches.L-R: “The Underdogs”, US House of Judiciary, :Greyhound”We’re all used to Apple being the most profitable company in the world, and most of us believe its repeated claim that it doesn’t put money first. But in July 2020, we reached a true financial milestone for Apple: Tim Cook actually seemed a bit embarrassed how much money they’d made. Perhaps he was, perhaps he already had been in June 2020, but it was in July when he was required to speak publicly about the vast amounts of cash Apple has.Read more…
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