dual monitor AirPlay Gaming Demo with real Racing 2 HD

Engadget has a arms on with Firemint’s real Racing 2 HD with make stronger for Apple’s AirPlay mirroring feature coming in iOS 5. while that you would be able to reflect the rest on the iPad’s display to your Apple television, some game developers have been constructing in make stronger to supply a special interface on the software itself vs. the screen. that is an identical characteristic to what Nintendo’s new Wii U console deals.

For this sport (and we think about many more to come), you utilize the iPad as the controller — each while navigating via menus and in race mode — whereas the sport seems simplest for your tv (although the tablet does display some vitals, and a map of the track). there’s great lag between the iPad and Apple television when the use of AirPlay, which may be a topic for video games the place timing is important, comparable to Rock Band, however didn’t seem to set us back while enjoying Firemint’s racing game.

This means to display different images on the tool and the video out is not in fact new with iOS 5. a number of different iOS video games reminiscent of Max adventure and Chopper 2 additionally provide a equivalent experience below iOS four. however without AirPlay mirroring function, users have needed a $29 VGA adapter to take advantage of this option. In iOS 5, AirPlay mirroring additionally bargains this capacity to those with Apple TVs.

iOS 5 is in developer beta in the meanwhile, and will probably be launched to the general public this autumn.

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